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CAP vs lowercase username

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  • CAP vs lowercase username

    Hello All,
    got a weird issue. XP Pro 64bit fully updated desktop. Have a license server software that checks which user is logged in to the PC and then allows the user to use said software. The license server manager is case sensitive. Yesterday, a user had the software installed on his pc and i myself put in his ID in the license manger file in lower-case. Everything is honky dory. Well today, he got our IT team there (offsite location - not important for the problem) to install the 64bit version of the software and guess what, does not work. Whenever he goes to launch it, it throws a license error saying the username does not exist. Upon further investigation it seems that his user id is showing in caps. in a CMD prompt if i type "set", Username=CAPS. however, if he locks the PC it shows, domain/lower-case for username. normally when someone has logged in with an upper case ID it stays that way and the ID shows uppercase in windows. Had the user reboot the PC and log in using lower-case for his ID. STILL when i checked his ID it STILL shows up in caps. I'm at a loss. I can tell you that the SMAACCOUNTNAME is in caps in AD but so are 98% of our ID's and we have not had this issue before. The only difference is that this particular user has 64bit.

    ***EDIT** the license server manager is not installed on this user's PC. It's on a 2003 server. Thought i should mention that. The user only has the client software.

    Any ideas?