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Dual-booting DOS6.22 and Win98

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  • Dual-booting DOS6.22 and Win98

    Hiya there,
    long time since I've been online qith you guys !
    hope you're all doing well....
    now, to the heart of my problem *grins*
    I am trying to make a dual booting system on my laptop with Dos 6.22 and Win98.
    I created my 2GB partition for DOS, installed MS-DOS 6.22, copied Win98 CAB files on my C, and installed Win98.
    My problem is that I don't get the prompt as to wether or not I want to replace my existing OS. Win98 simply overwrites my DOS files.
    Any ways I can get these 2 OS to work together ?
    I have also created a logical drive for my remaining 2GB on my HDD

    ok I know DOS uses FAT16 and Win98 uses FAT32, but there MUST be a way to get them to work together

    Thank !!

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    found a fitting solution

    howdy !
    thanks guys, I finally found a solution.
    well.... more of a compromise than a solution since I needed to be able to start in DOS and I didn't want to press F8 each time I started my laptop.

    solution was at

    so I'll just reformat and make one partition with the Bootmenu enabled
    now next step (long way back since I've done this) will be to create a new menu, so I'll just have Windows startup or Command Prompt startup

    thanks again !!!


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      edit msdos.sys

      edit bootmulti, bootmenu, BootMenuDefault, BootMenuDelay

      make sure you're running msdos on fat16 partition.

      by default msdos.sys is read only, so change the attribute
      Good Luck


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