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slow to open/save files, but weird...

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  • slow to open/save files, but weird...

    hi guys:

    i have a user who has some files on his laptop's desktop; some word, some excel, nothing weird. when he's in the office and on the network, these files open and save just fine. but, when he works from home, it takes 3-5 minutes to open theses same files and just as long to save, IF he's connected to his home network. if he disconnects from his network, the files behave normally.

    again, i stress, these files reside on his local desktop. no syncing, no roaming, nothing like that. and, i checked his files and folders, and he's way under the limit, like 7 folders and 459 files.

    this wxp sp3, all patches, sophos anti-virus.

    any ideas?


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    Re: slow to open/save files, but weird...

    Could any of the Office files/applications be trying to reference templates on a network share, which isn't available away from the office? We had a similar issue after our system migration, where documents and spreadsheets created on the old system took a while to open, as the templates they were created from were stored on a network share which no longer exists (also on a server which no longer exists).

    Does disabling Sophos temporarily help?
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      Re: slow to open/save files, but weird...

      okay, i finally got my hands on this guy's laptop. i have verified the exact symptoms he described to me. i have checked a couple of documents and i cannot find any evidence of any calls to any external resources, network or otherwise. i have manually checked a crapload of cells, as well as checking edit>links, which is greyed out, meaning that there are no links to edit. but, this is happening with word docs as well as excel.

      disabling sophos had no affect.

      fdisk fixes all!!!

      edit: i forgot to mention: even just right-clicking on a file takes forever to bring up the context menu in this scenario. so, it's not just file operations, it look like it's an explorer thing.

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