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Slow login process

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  • Slow login process

    Hello Friends,

    On a particular machine , I am facing slow login issue. I have enabled the usernv logs and gathered information but not able to understand it very precisely , I have attached the logs please look into these and help me to resolve the issue.
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    Re: Slow login process

    The rpimary cause for slow logon issues are caused by DNS.

    Please check that the machine is using the correct DNS server.


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      Re: Slow login process

      Does the issue affect one user or every user? Does that user have the same problem on other machines? While DNS is a likely culprit, the size of a users profile (and any problems with the profile) can affect logon speed.

      Is the machine in a domain? Group policies can also have an effect.
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        Re: Slow login process

        USERENV(544.548 ) 13:51:47:879 LibMain: Process Name: C:\WINDOWS\system32\wuauclt.exe
        USERENV(29c.440 ) 13:52:01:922 LibMain: Process Name: C:\Program Files\McAfee\Common Framework\FrameworkService.exe
        USERENV(6bc.e48 ) 13:51:53:995 PolicyChangedThread: Leaving

        above logs states that windows update and Windows Management Instrumentation service are taking a bit long.

        I would suggest enabling netlogon logging.

        You can use procmon to identify the processes using maximum number of handles, threads.

        Check for userenv, lsasrv - event ids.
        Try MSConfig - disable 3rd party services and all startup items and then enabling them one by one.

        Hitender Yadav
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          Re: Slow login process

          Adding the wkstn to a workgroup then rejoing the domain can often help repair this type of problem.

          Has this just started doing this?
          Is it just a new build?
          Like Wullie suggested have you check the dns settings?
          Was anything installed recently?
          -Set a filter on your app event logs for msinstaller
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