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Win XP Printing a Details page only for one printer

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  • Win XP Printing a Details page only for one printer

    I've got a user who is running WinXP Pro SP1. She's based at a couple of offices and has various printers installed. At one particular office, she's using a networked HP LaserJet 4050tn.

    Every time she prints to this printer, regardless of which application she's printing from, it's printing a details page of who printed, what time printed, etc.

    I've checked all printer settings on her laptop and the only thing I could see that could be causing this was a separator page, but there isn't one specified. She doesn't have the problem at the other offices (they'll also be using networked LaserJets).

    It's only happening for this one person...

    Anyone got any ideas?

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    Please check the printer settings on the server - There may be a few printers that direct to the same printer hardware.
    Also, is the problem occur only in word for exmaple?
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