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Windows starting up in Hebrew language

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  • Windows starting up in Hebrew language

    My brand new Lenovo ThinkPad R500, which I recently purchased in Israel, came with Windows XP (SP2) already installed and configured for the user name "Lenovo" to automatically logon without having to enter a password. I upgraded the Windows to SP3, installed a number of commonly-used software packages (Office 2003, AVG, etc.), and added another username that required a password to be logged on.

    The user interface of Windows is in English and it came with Hebrew and US English languages already installed. For both usernames I used the "Regional and Language Options" of the Control Panel to select the "English (United States)" format for Numbers, Currency, Time and Dates, and then I customized these settings to conform closer to what is commonly used in Israel. After doing this, I noticed that the "Hebrew" Keyboard and Layout were the default selections for newer username of Windows, so I switched this default setting to be "English (United States)" Keyboard with a "US" Layout.

    My problem is that every time the computer is turned on (or the Windows is "Restarted"), the startup language is Hebrew (with the Language bar showing "HE") when I log onto the newer username. When I log onto the "Lenovo" username (that came with the computer), it continues to enter Windows with English being the language and without requiring me to enter a password. I note that when I try to enter a password for logging on to the newer username, Windows assumes that this password is in Hebrew (showing "HE" next to the password field), and I have to do ALT + RIGHT SHIFT to change the keyboard to English in order to enter an acceptable password.

    Once I have logged on, I have no problem changing the language between English (EN) and Hebrew (HE), and when I logout (with the keyboard in English) and then login again, the keyboard language continues to be English.

    Can someone tell me how I can get the Windows to startup (to boot) with the default setting of the keyboard to be in English (and with the Language bar showing "EN")?

    The computer is in a Workgroup (not in a domain) and on a wireless network (with 2 other computers) that is connected to Internet through a router.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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    Re: Windows starting up in Hebrew language

    I think you'll find that hebrew is the installation language and as far aas i'm aware you'd need to reformat and install the english version.


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      Re: Windows starting up in Hebrew language

      To wullieb1,
      Thanks for the reply, but I have been trying to avoid that. Also, the fact that the "Lenovo" username always starts up in English seems to contradict that idea.
      BTW, my older daughter (and family) lives near Byron Bay, NSW. Perhaps you live in that area?


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        Re: Windows starting up in Hebrew language

        After this "enormous" response I managed to figure it out with the clue at "". Using Regedit, the keys located in "HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Keyboard Layout\Preload" can be changed. They show the keyboard layouts available for each username when the
        Windows is waiting for the initial Logon after the computer has been booted. The value "00000409" is for US English and "0000040d" for Hebrew.
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          Re: Windows starting up in Hebrew language

          Thanks for posting back your answer to this.

          Please rememebr that the help on the site is given for free. None of us are paid to do this so go easy on us.