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  • MBR in XP

    Hi, I really hope someone can help me here. I was stupid enough too install Linux Ubuntu ver. 9.04 a.k.a. Januty, and the Grub handler stars before I can do a system restore on my acer aspire one, the standard cmd alt+f10 doesn't work, I have an option in Grub under ' other os' were I can start the fabric restore but it still don't un install the Grub loader !

    I think I'm not alone in this, some one else must have done the same thing and manage to remove ubuntu without messing up the partition where XP installer is placed and "make it" as it was, so to speak...
    plz! I need some body any body, help my if you can I'm feeling... enough Beatles

    But help is very much wanted and gracefully recived!

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    Re: MBR in XP

    Boot the computer from a Windows XP CD or from a utility CD like BartPE and run fixmbr and fixboot. This will write a Windows XP boot sector and master boot record to the hard drive and should allow you to run the re-install.