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Dual Boot Changes Sys Part Drive Letter

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  • Dual Boot Changes Sys Part Drive Letter

    In my dual boot configuration, the drive letter for the system partition drive letter differs, depending upon which Boot Partition is chosen. This causes some operator confusion when switching frequently between operating systems. I want to make the system partition have the same drive letter regardless of the boot partition. There is no problem in making the non-boot partitions have identities that are independent of the Boot Part, but I haven't been able to do that for the System Part

    The configuration is:

    Drives D1, D2;

    partitions D1P1 DOS, Boot1, Sys
    D1P2 DOS
    D1P3 NTFS
    D2P1 DOS, Boot2
    D2P2 NTFS
    D2P3 NTFS

    Some additional info that might be relevant:

    OS is WIN XP PRO in both Boot1 and Boot2

    Boot1 is a new installation with no applications and could easily be reinstalled on another partition, preferably on Drive D1.
    Boot2 contains an OS with many apps.

    I would appreciate any suggestions.

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    Re: Dual Boot Changes Sys Part Drive Letter

    I'd approach this from another aspect. I would give the partitions names.. clearly.

    So you might have XP_Dev_SYS and XP_Prd_SYS
    (if your two different OS were, for instance, a Production version of XP and a Development version)
    Or WinXP_C and WinXPSP2_C
    Then, if they share the additional partitions, I'd name it SharedData_D or whatever.

    This is very similar to what I do at home.

    I'd also be less concerned about it because if I was commissioning a machine that allowed an operator to choose between multiple boot options, I'd expect them to have some level of understanding about what they are doing anyway..
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