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Searching Registry Keys for Particular Permissions

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  • Searching Registry Keys for Particular Permissions

    Hello fellow experts.

    Recently a DC I was using as a VMware machine on my desktop PC died and could not be recreated. I decided never to use a DC again on my home network as I have been bitten quite a number of times before; i now have several defunct profiles in my "Documents and Settings" folder.

    Anyhow, I downgraded my account to a local PC account and everything has been working fine. However, today I tried for the first time to access both Yahoo and Windows Live Messengers to no avail. I loaded Procmon and noticed that the common denominator was "DENIED ACCESS (Read access)" to the following registry key:
    When I opened REGEDIT, I deleted the permissions set for my old SID and replaced that with my migrated (now local) account and I got the messenger applications working again.

    My question now is:

    "Is there a tool out there that one can use to search the registry for keys with certain permissions?"

    My search phrases on Google are not producing the results I'm after! Appreciate any help I can get.