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OE6 problem with dialup connection

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  • OE6 problem with dialup connection

    OE6 problem with dialup connection

    Hi all

    I have a rather strange problem with OE6 on a WINXP machine. I recently was using a dailup connection and therefore had a connection created in network connections. But now I have changed to ADSL which uses only the local area connection and therefore does not need any dialing up. Now my problem is that whenever I open OE6 it asks me to dial the dialup connection....and to make it more confusing I had deleted the dial up connection!!! so I cant understand what is wrong...

    I also chose Never dial a connection in IE and made sure OE6 does not invoke a dialup connection but still ...amazingly (or magically?) the dial up connection is reappearing...

    Can anyone advise what the problem might be and any other workarounds?