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  • sysprep

    I have a laptop which Iíve just finished setting up. I plan on cloning the disk using Acronis imaging software. I'm then going to be loading this image onto 30 different laptops. Once loaded I have a tool to change the SID.

    Is this the best way to set the laptops up or is there a different way I should be doing this? The laptops are workgroup machines.

    Iíve been reading through the sysprep
    and gave it a go but not really sure what sysprep gives me more than what I have planned already.

    Any suggestions on this would be good.

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    Re: sysprep

    You should use sysprep. With sysprep the mini-setup program will run when you load the image on to a machine and will handle loading device drivers and generationg a new SID. If you don't use sysprep you're asking to have trouble with the images regarding the computer accounts, device GUID's, SID's etc., etc.


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      Re: sysprep

      i keep having this argument with my other engineer.. he persists/insists on using newsid, and tells me that it works fine and it's never had a problem and microsoft know about it.

      I keep tellng him "they might know about it, and it might work fine, and it might be ok. but the ONE time it xxxxx up, it's going to xxxx up bad, and microsoft have already come out and said they don't support it, so We. Use. SysPrep. Please."

      what i'm trying to say is, the newsid tool is good for quick-and-dirty, but Sysprep is really the corret way to go. it's a little ore time consuming maybe..but it's tried and tested eleventy-billion times.
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        Re: sysprep

        I have to agree, sysprep is designed for this purpose and proven to work in the real world and is supported.

        ANY unique data in the image is stripped out by sysprep, meaning there is no chance of conflicts, errors etc when the image is deployed to multiple machines later. Yes, it may be a bit more time consuming than newsid, but IME it's worth it.
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          Re: sysprep

          Just in case anyone is in the same boat as me heres some usefull info to get you up and running quickly: