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Cannot find/identify sound drivers

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  • Cannot find/identify sound drivers

    Hi all,

    I've got a Gigabyte laptop, model name being W565M. It came with Vista and I prefer XP so I put XP Pro on the drive instead. I've managed to find the VGA drivers and Ethernet drivers, but no luck for sound. The laptop model is not even listed on any of Gigabyte's sites yet it's on every online shop I see. What could be going on here? I downloaded the VGA drivers and installed them successfully after trying a few different ones. (The one that eventually worked was from another Gigabyte laptop with the same graphics controller) I can't do this for the sound as I can't seem to find a specific driver name for what I need. The most specific I can get out of the machine, even using Everest and Driverguide Toolkit, is Conexant High Definition Audio. It also seems to have a modem on the same bus? How do I figure out what driver I need?

    Thanks in advance geniuii

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    Re: Cannot find/identify sound drivers

    One of the better places to try is http :// members. driverguide. com/ the driver catalogue us very comprehensive.

    Alternatively what you find especially on laptops that have been ordered of the internet is that the US website may not have the model listed but their uk or other country websites will show the model.

    Hope this helps
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      Re: Cannot find/identify sound drivers

      Although the site might help, I've removed the live link.
      You need to pay for some drivers. Shocking I think.
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        Re: Cannot find/identify sound drivers

        Probably not an option btu when i have had problems locating drivers, I have opened up the machine and looked at the part code of the system board and/or component. A search against that will usually bring up relevant drivers.


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          Re: Cannot find/identify sound drivers

          I would use this software.

          I've used it probably a hundered times and it has worked really well for me. As for the modem being tied to the sound card that's entirely possible...I've got some laptops at here that have that.

          The software above scans the device and and actually pulls the device ID number telling you more detailed info on it.

          Hope that helps.


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            Re: Cannot find/identify sound drivers

            When it comes to drivers I'd always make sure I get them from the manifacturers if I can help it. The model you mention comes shipped with XP as well so they must have drivers for it. Try calling them.
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