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DNS look up issues

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  • DNS look up issues

    Hi there,

    We have a problem with our windows xp clients with DNS pointing and DHCP pointing to to a DC.
    DHCP is issueing ( our windows AD domain )

    We have an internal testing domain that is coming back with the wrong entries.
    say www.
    It then appears to be resolving it to www.
    then www then www
    which resolves to some external IP.

    However if I go into the properties of the network card and go into the DNS tab of advanced and change the resolution of unqualified domain names from 'Append primary and connection specific DNS suffixes' to 'Append these dns suffixes' and put in the same domain as what we using in DHCP, it resolves to the correct IP of

    If its set to the first DNS suffix option putting a . at the end of the domain (www also resolves correctly.

    Strangly if we just use www .devel (which is a domain that points to exactly the same file in bind (except with the domains changed in SOA) which is sitting on a unix box (which is the DNS forwarder from the AD DC)) it resolves properly.
    DNS resolves properly on all levels from the unix box through its own cache as well as through the ADS DC.

    Has anyone have any Ideas.

    (domains have been changed to protect the innocent)
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