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  • win200 pro image

    Hello newbee everyone ... online today...please can you help, i have restored an image on a drive. However the drive is not booting? it goes to start windows then reboots again!!!. does the drive name need to be changed if so how ............pleeease?

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    Re: win200 pro image restoration

    The drive name shouldn't have anything to do with it. You've provided bugger all information about how you are doing this, the steps and even if this restoration is to the same machine. Until you do that then no-one will be able to help you.

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      Re: win200 pro image

      yeah the drive name should not have any thing to do with it as noted by andyjg247 if you restored the image correctly the hdd should have remained the default [C:\]. If at all possible try to connect drive as slave to save any files and you may have to reinstall win 2k. let us know how it goes. kid
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