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Help with WinXP Home Recovery

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  • Help with WinXP Home Recovery

    I was wondering if anybody could help me with a winxp recovery. I have tried to enter the recovery console but it requires a admin password when I choose to logon. If there is a way to reset or to remove the option that asks for a password great. Also another thing the option in the fresh install of winxp there is an option for a repair installation that I have tried this, and when it runs everything is fine but when it shows the installation screen informing you of the aprox. time to finish the install a " isass.exe pops up and the screen in background is still running but does not finish the install. My question is how to remove or fix the issue with the isass.exe to preform a clean repaired install of winxp home thanks.

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    Re: Help with WinXP Home Recovery

    Hi there,

    While the error message apears, press on the keyboard SHIFT+F10
    this will popup a command prompt. type taskmgr.exe
    Now when task manager is on, try to end the problematic proccess.

    Good luck


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      Re: Help with WinXP Home Recovery

      hey thanks i will give it a try, appreciate the response