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Permanently map drive w/ different credentials

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  • Permanently map drive w/ different credentials

    First off, great website. Thanks for any and all help with regards to my specific problem.

    My goal: Permanently map a network drive with different credentials than the machine that a user is currently using. I imagine it would involve a script of some kind involved in the Windows login process.

    My setup: Vista home with several folders shared out. Each folder has different permissions for several unique groups of users. Mix of XP home/Vista home machines connecting to the mapped drive(s).

    I dont mind telling folks that they need to log into windows with a unique username - but I'd prefer not to have to set the same exact credentials on the box with the shared drives.

    Does anybody have a script that does this? (I have no scripting skills, dont assume anything with me please!) Or are there any other tweeks/tricks that you pros have to accomplish this?

    Thanks again and best regards.

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    Re: Permanently map drive w/ different credentials

    Here's all you need to know about using the Net Use command to map a drive, provide the credentials, and make the mapping permanent. You just need to put this into a logon script.


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      Re: Permanently map drive w/ different credentials

      Thank you very much for your quick post.

      That seems exactly what I would like to do, however, I cant figure out the exact scripting (I wasnt kidding when I said dont assume anything)

      I'm unsure which braces, brackets, etc to remove.

      I know the computer name and the shared volumes that I'd like to map to - and of course the credentials. There is no domain, the folders are just being shared through a workgroup.

      Would you be able to set me up with the line that I can just copy/paste into a batch file(?) and replace those few items? For the batch file, I assume I just open notepad, save as blahblah.bat, and then stick it in the startup folder?

      Thanks so much again.

      Edit: I think I finally got it. I'll post back if its not quite right.
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        Re: Permanently map drive w/ different credentials

        you also might tell what the solution is.
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          Re: Permanently map drive w/ different credentials

          I use this line.

          net use z: \\servername\sharename [password] /user:[username]