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cd rom broke on my laptop, need to install XP Pro, network?

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  • cd rom broke on my laptop, need to install XP Pro, network?

    I do not have access to any CD rom unless its on another computer. For what ever reason it seems that XP Pro likes to only be installed from is CD. All my attempts to install it via hard drive, copying files over etc, has failed. I went so far as enabling USB in dos etc etc...

    I have never attempted a "network install" before but if I understand correctly one can install XP pro from the "network" and not need a CD rom ?

    any suggestions...


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    The winnt.exe command has the following syntax and switches .

    winnt [/s:SourcePath] [/t:TempDrive] [/u:answer file]
    [/udf:ID [,UDB_file]] [/r:folder][/rx:folder][/e:command]

    Specifies the source location of the Windows XP files. The location must be a full path and can use UNC locations.

    Directs Setup to place temporary files on the specified drive and to install Windows XP on that drive.

    /u:answer file
    Performs an unattended Setup using an answer file. If you use /u, you must also use /s.

    /udf:ID [,UDB_file]
    Indicates an identifier (ID) that Setup uses to specify how a Uniqueness Database (UDB) file modifies an answer file (see /u). If no UDB_file is specified, Setup prompts you to insert a disk that contains the $Unique$.udb file.

    Specifies an optional folder to be installed. The folder remains after Setup finishes.

    Specifies an optional folder to be copied. The folder is deleted after Setup finishes.

    Specifies a command to be carried out just before the final phase of Setup.

    Enables accessibility options
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