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Delay to Log on When remote user is at home

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  • Delay to Log on When remote user is at home

    Hello All
    I have a problem with remote users when they are at home.

    I have two DNS Servers on site and AD running.

    A user took her laptop home and it took 20 mins to log on so she coudl dial in with her Cisco Client.
    If she turns her wireless off it only takes seconds.
    What could cause this issue as i have many remote users and delays are not accepted.


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    Re: Delay to Log on When remote user is at home

    Just to confirm, 20 mins was when she turned her laptop on till she could actually connect to the internet to use the cisco client?

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      Re: Delay to Log on When remote user is at home

      Hi there
      Sorry i meant to say she puts her username and password in and it takes upto 20 mins to log on to her desktop so she can open the cisco client.
      I have been doing some reading and i believe it may be a DNS Issue with reagrd to the machine looking for the DC as it has detected a internet connection.

      If she has her wireless switched off it logs in perfectly.

      I have done some reading on Split DNS and DNS Wildcards.
      Is this a common Offsite problem

      I found this webpage that sounds as if its the same issue as i am having

      i am shocked that this is a common issue that does not get fixed by Microsoft

      What is a good workaround for this problem.
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        Re: Delay to Log on When remote user is at home

        Firstly, what OS is she running?

        Could you change her laptop's adapter priority to put the LAN NIC first? In Vista yo go to network and sharing center >> manage network connections >> tap the 'alt' key >> click the 'advanced' menu >> advanced settings >> adapters and bridges tab

        From there you can prioritize the adapters. That might be more of a fix than a solution. One place I worked at had almost 100 laptops and none of them had problems logging on with cached credentials before a user could then log on and establish a VPN connection. I don't know how the adapters were prioritized and I personally can't think of a reason why you're experiencing such delays.
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          Re: Delay to Log on When remote user is at home

          hi there
          after speaking to my sister branch in Germany today it is the laptop looking for the domain controller when it detects a internet connection and waits some time before time out to log in with cached credentials.
          i have started to inform users to leave their wireless off until they complete log in.
          Seems to have fixed the problem.