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spontaneous event log clearance ?

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  • spontaneous event log clearance ?

    This seems rather random to me.

    Last night before I ewnt to bed, I half closed the lid on my laptop. not enough to kick in a standby or powersaving mode or anything like that, but enough to kill the glare so it's not obvious out the windows.

    Got up about 6am for a minute, and noticed the screen was flickering repeatedly... so I came and had a look.
    The laptop had somehow rebooted, and because I have ubuntu as the default boot option, it had booted into ubuntu, but at a crap-ass resolution. (This is not so much my issue.) thought nothing of it, closed the lid fully, went back to bed

    Cause i'm doing some work work at the moment, I bounced back into windows xP when i got up, and thought I should check the event logs.
    Security log: Empty. (not necessraily unusual
    System log: Empty (unusual) - first entry was the eventlog starting up.
    Appl log: Normal entries, nothing to indicate a problem.

    So - what spontaneously blows away a system log like that ?
    One thing i have noticed, but can't confirm is odd until i go into work - the path for the logs is windir\system32\config\SysEvent.evt
    I would have thought it should be system.evt ?
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    Re: spontaneous event log clearance ?

    Mine is also SysEvent.evt so that isn't likely the issue.
    If the file is corrupt then it may show blank, possibly faulty disk/memory/cpu which also might explain the reboot. Being left on my imply overheating? Only a guess though.

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      Re: spontaneous event log clearance ?

      seems to have been ok since, and I appreciat your comment that sysEvt.evt is the correct file..
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