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Date change problem

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  • Date change problem

    Each year when we close out, we need to set the date on our XP Pro client pc's to a past date (2 days ago). Every year this has worked like a champ.

    This year, when we set the date to the past (yes we have admin rights), it changes the date. You can see it. When we do a transaction, it changes the date back to today's date. The only thing that has changed on these systems during the year, is the Microsoft service pack and patches applied.

    Anybody know what is causing this (a security patch ??) or how to fix ?

    I am going to try and change the date in the bios and see if we can get by, but I sure would like to know the cause.


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    Re: Date change problem

    These machines are part of an Active Directory. They are NOT set to sync with an internet source.

    thought I should provide more complete information.



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      Re: Date change problem

      Then they should sync with the PDC emulator.
      Why are you changing the time manually?
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        Re: Date change problem

        We are doing an end of year process where by transactions have to be entered on a certain date. Thus if today is 3/31/09, we need it to be 3/29/09. In years past there has been no problem when changing the date backward. This year, it keeps popping back to todays date.