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Access Denied - Offline Files

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  • Access Denied - Offline Files


    I am looking at picking someone’s brains over an issue that I am troubleshooting which involves Microsoft’s wonderful “Offline Files” feature.

    Our Laptops are running Windows XP SP2 and some users are reporting problems where newly created files or recently modified files are not synchronising. This does not appear to be affecting all users and previous files which are available offline are not affected (although they do not need to be synchronised as nothing has changed.)

    All files synchronize successfully for a time then for some reason (which I have not been able to narrow down) new files will not synchronize after the problem happens. The message "Access Denied" is displayed after attempting to synchronize these new files. The files do not have the synchronisation icon and forcing the files to be made available offline throws up the same message. Permissions look fine on this folder so it appears to be an issue with the offline cache. The amount of files to synchronize is below the 2GB limit.

    I have managed to recreate this problem twice in the office under a particular OU but have been unable to determine the cause both times.

    The following has been tried to resolve the issue:

    Recreating profile
    Setting permissions on the users folder again (Ensuring Full Permissions are set for the user)
    Transferring the Workarea to another server
    Resetting the offline cache (Ctrl+Shift+Del) – Work for a time then the same error appears
    Rebuilding the laptop

    I am wondering if the following could be causing a problem:

    Group Policy (Is it applying properly or is there a conflict?), Hibernation, Folder redirection, Wireless vs LAN conflict?

    If anyone can offer any advice or shed light on this issue it would be very much appreciated.

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    Re: Access Denied - Offline Files

    It is worth installing SP3 and any other patches available. You can then re-test and let us know how you get on.