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Command prompt at boot instead of WinXP

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  • Command prompt at boot instead of WinXP

    When I upgraded an old PIII/500 (a year or so ago) from Win98 to XP Pro, everything was fine. Soon after, I loaned it to someone. It has just been returned to me, and there's a problem that I can't figure out:

    On a cold boot, it says: "BootWorks, Starting Win98" then displays a command prompt (C:>).

    If I press Ctrl+Alt+Del, it then says: "BootOrg" before booting to WinXP.

    I can find nothing in Set-up(BIOS) or Config.sys to explain it, and the autoexec.bat file is there but is just a comment line.

    I'd rather not go through the whole process of reinstalling XP because of the time and effort that takes (including finding a modem to put into it that computer so I can reactivate).

    I can live with it this way, but I'd greatly appreciate it if someone knows some simple way to fix it.


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    when you get into xp go to start, run, type msconfig, hit ok. click the boot.ini tab at the top. first try clicking the check all boot paths this will either delete a path of say everything is ok. if it doesn't delete a path look under the operationg systems thing and if you see windows 98 select it and delete it. if that doesn't work click the general tab and select use origional boot.ini
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      Thanks, but I already checked that. I compared everything to the system.ini, win.ini, boot.ini, services, and start-up on another computer that boots normally. The boot.ini contains exactly the same lines (without any mention of Win9, and the same checks are on all other pages.

      This seems to be happening before the boot even gets to WinXP.

      As an experiment, I put that hard drive on another old motherboard, a PIII733 (I'm not sure how legal that is, but if I did upgrade the motherboard, it would still be on only one system), and it did exactly the same thing except that CTRL+ALT+DEL only brought up a screen that said that Windows hadn't shut down properly, and no matter what option I chose (safe mode, safe mode with prompt, start normally, etc.), all it did was reboot to "BootWorks, Loading Windows 98" and a command prompt. (As usual, what I had hoped would clear up the mystery only caused more confusion.)

      Maybe I'll just have to live with the extra step every time I turn on the computer.


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        Re: Command prompt at boot instead of WinXP

        Originally posted by jmatus
        .. I loaned it to someone.
        kick there @ss
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          He's a Mac user who needed to check how something he wrote would compile on a Win platform, and he had a plotter that I wanted to borrow . . .

          It's just an old computer that I didn't need, and I wouldn't be trying to use it now if I hadn't thought about assembling one from the pieces that I have laying around in order to try something that needs a dedicated computer (the program has to run uninterupted for at least 72 hours straight). With this one coming back in the door complete and ready to roll, it seemed only natural . . .

          But this prompt thing is annoying, especially since I will probably have to reboot the computer a number of times to get the program sections properly installed.


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            Not sure if this will help but

            Install and uninstall BootWorks remotely.
            - Create a boot disk file and use an event to install it on a client machine
            - Create a windows uninstall package and use an event to run the uninstall package.
            - The same can be done from a floppy disk
            - The two methods for removing BootWorks are
            o Floppy disk method
            o Windows uninstall package

            Found on

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              In a roundabout way, trying that got rid of the problem -- trying to reintall BootWorks trashed the system completely (all it does now is shows "BootWorks" and a flashing cursor, reboots, shows "BootWorks" and a flashing cursor, reboots, etc. etc. etc. etc.), so I now have no choice but to do a complete system recovery, reformatting the disk and reinstalling WinXP.

              I knew the dangers of messing with Altiris -- in my limited experience it is one of the banes of Windows -- so you have my honest and sincere thanks for trying to help, regardless of the outcome.