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Win98 DHCP Clients not Registering in DNS Host Table

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  • Win98 DHCP Clients not Registering in DNS Host Table

    We have a very aggrivating problem. We are in the process of cleaning up a very messy inherited network. Converting everyone from static IP's, across multiple nets to DHCP on a single net. Our DHCP is on a Win2KServer which is also our DNS box. We have a mix of Win98 & Win2K clients (~150 or so). We are also making them domain users as we go. Both the Win98 and Win2K machines are converting to the domain, taking the assigned IP from DHCP normally and are showing up in the address lease list, although the Win2K boxes are adding a .com to the domain while the Win98 are not...not sure if this is important but trying to give all info.

    The problem is that while the Win2K boxes are registering and visible in the DNS host table after being moved to DHCP, the Win98 boxes are not. This is a critical problem for us as we have a major interface that is going to rely on DNS entries. We can ping the IP's of other servers but cannot ping them by DNS name. Can also ping the DNS box but cannot see it by name. An IPCONFIG /all shows all the correct information, including DNS IP.

    We have scoured the net and tried everything we have found to no avail. This includes:

    --> Installing the Win2K DS Client on the Win98 box
    --> On the DHCP DNS tab for both server and scope, we have enabled DNS for clients who don't support dynamic updates and always update DNS
    --> Followed the directions on Petri's site for Active Directory Client for Win98/NT
    --> Applied the MS hotfix for the this same issue (see KB 242000)

    Looking for any wisdom on this challenge. Worried that part of the problem may be our current net config...we inherited a major mess from the folks before us. We have 3 different nets (130.0.0.n, 192.168.1.n, 192.168.100.n), taking everying to 192.168.69.n (we had to have a little fun with the numbering). We have a Watchguard Firebox on the wall with multiple gateways and routes defined but not clearly understood. We are doing everything we can to figure it out.

    So, first question is: is the problem an OS issue or a net issue?

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    try this
    also go to dhcp server properties and configure it to "Dynamically update DNS A and PTR records for DHCP clients that do not request updates (for example, clients running Windows NT 4.0)" you can read about it in the following article
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      thanks for the indicated in the first posting, we have already referenced the knowledge base for that same entry (242000), contacted microsoft, received the hotfix and applied it without success (although our Win98 boxes now join the domain much cleaner!)

      the other link points to Win2003 Server...we are using Win2K Server...I did see a portion in there regarding option 81 on the DHCP options and FQDN, however, out DHCP options only go to 76. I took a look at the Win2K Resource Kit and it too mentions option 81...

      I am beginning to think this is a DHCP/DNS/Win2KServer I am going to try to transfer this to the Win2K Server forum.


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        follow up...:

        topic locked.
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