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  • IE7 res:/iframe

    Hi guys,

    So yesterday afternoon, I was at home and had VPN'd back in to my workstation to test something out, and I noticed that when I seem to be getting a Res://ieframe.dll error under certain circumstances.

    Some sites I explicitly trust have problems with security certificates. (A DRAC site for instance)
    So IE7 gives me "Click here to close" or "Continue to this website"
    I've been clicking on continue, and gone on my merry way.

    However now, if I hover over 'continue to this website' I get a link displayed as res://ieframe.dll (nothing appended to it after that)
    This issue only occurs for IE7, and only occurs for my profile. I've tested this by logging on locally as another user, and logging on elsewhere with my roaming profile. The issue follows me.

    The same issue happens for any sites. DRACs, our internal case management system, our Trend micro control site, etc.

    And yes, sure, as a workaround, I can use Firefox for many things.. but DRACs for instance specifically require IE.

    Any thoughts on what I can do, short of completely destroying my profile and starting again ?
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    Re: IE7 res:/iframe

    I have managed to sort this issue by using "Reset All to Defaults" under tools > options > advanced > 'Reset Internet Explorer Settings'

    Of course.. It's completely ruined all the trusted sites and security exceptions I'd set up, but that's not the biggest problem in the world I guess.

    Hopefully I can find out which option actually caused this...
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