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  • Local Access Only

    Here is the issue.

    I am using Widows XP installed on my computer is a stand alone computer connected with the Linksys router and the Westell 2200 modem. Westell 2200 is in bridge mode.
    The Inernet was working fine until now I started to receive an error message on the lower right corner of the window that says "Local Access Only" and at that time I am not able to connect with the Internet. After power cycling the devices it works fine.
    The error message is intermittent.. Please help!!!!

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Local Access Only

    Are you connected wirelessly or by Ethernet?
    When you get the Local Access Only message try power cycling the Linksys only.

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      Re: Local Access Only

      M connected using the Ethernet cable but while m not sure about the wireless connetion. Yes, power cylcing does help and after power cycling it works fine for some time (sometimes it works fine for 1 hour or 1 day)...


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        Re: Local Access Only

        This issue normally ocurrs on Vista when connecting to the router wirelessly. One thing you could try in a command window when this ocurrs is:


        Another thing is to set the IP address of your workstation to a static IP. See what happens then.
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          Re: Local Access Only - Check out cable

          Hey, dog!
          My girlfriend was experiencing that same trouble in her 2 computer lan.
          Internet connection seemed intermitent. and a network trouble notification showed up on systray.
          The problem appeared only in one of the computers, thou.
          Then, I started some tests about it, like switching router ports and switching the computer cables... just then her sister's desktop went offline...
          I just said "well, it's fixed" and let her anoying ugly sister without internet
          Try looking up the cable u're using to connect to the router. switch the end points to see if it helps or try to get a different ethernet cable that you know works fine.
          If the cable doesn't work, it must be problems in your router.
          It is like a Local Area Network (LAN) provider. It's a server with low memory and poor processor just to distribute the IPs to the LAN computers and process the requests through that ethernet interface.
          If it doesn't manage to assign your IP address, it may be damaged.

          Hope for the cable, thou!
          best luck to you!


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            Re: Local Access Only - Check out cable

            Updated the firmware on all the devices???