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  • Win 2000Pro to XP Home Edition

    I have Windows 2000 Professional installed, hardware manager says Windows 2000 SP4, but shows 2000 Pro on boot up. I want to get this disabled or off my machine and get to XP. I have a newly purchased complete install for XP Home Edition. I understand the upgrade path from W2K Pro is to XP Pro. Can I smiply do a new install of XP Home and make it the default OS by going into System Properties/Start-up and Recovery making XP the default OS? As it was a dual boot with Win98 I think, still on the PC, 2000 Pro is selected as default.
    I have too much on the PC and do not want to lose my data. I also have a Local Dive 'J' , not sure if it is the second HD but looks to be a 100GB drive with only 6GB used. Can I install XP there, as you can see I'm basically lost.


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    Re: Win 2000Pro to XP Home Edition

    The best thing would be to get an external hard drive and save to it all your data that you want to keep.

    After you've saved your data then boot from the XP installation CD and delete all the partitions on the computer and do a fresh install. Then install all your programs and restore you data.

    If you want to post a screen shot of your disk management console then I could tell you what your J: drive is.

    To view your disk management console, go to Start -> Run -> and type in diskmgmt.msc and click OK.

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