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  • Restruct font access

    Hi Everyone,

    I have one query for you all,

    We are a web designing company, we have three shifts here and 3 different designers works on the same machine in these different shifts. Each one might be working for different clients, client who might have bought any specific template which we are editing. With the template paid fonts also come in and only that particular designer in allowed to use the paid fonts. So I need to restrict other two designers from using this paid font. Is there any method to do this

    All our machines are running windows XP SP3, as workstations. Each designer uses their own login. And we are using adobe tools for web designing.

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    Re: Restruct font access

    Are the Fonta imported in to the XP machine? If so, you could use NTFS permissions to lockdown those fonts in the Fonts folder.

    Usually at C:\WINDOWS\Fonts