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Giving up on XP password recovery. Now I can't format HD

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  • Giving up on XP password recovery. Now I can't format HD

    I'm so frustrated! I'm really a novice at this computer stuff. I've tried to recover the admin password on my laptop. I've gone to a site suggested on this forum and downloaded the free software. I don't know what was going on but my laptop went into a slower than slow motion with no results.(I'm talking hours to open a window) I tried another link from a member on this forum and the link didn't connect. I decided the hell with it and was going to format the hd and start over. Guess what! The admin wouldn't let me format! Can anyone help me format this hd in very simple terms? I'm thinking I'll have to buy a HD and start from scratch next.

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    I reformated!!

    Ok for those that are as frustrated as I was. I no longer have to contend with the admin pasword. There is a downside, 1) I had to reformat and lost all info. 2) I lost drivers to get on the internet. So I suggest you save as much as possible before following this procedure. In addition go to your computer and right click, then properties, hardware,device manager then click on the + next to other devices. I suggest you write everything down and search the internet for the drivers and download them to a disk or cd (not just your HD). Prior to the following procedure.
    GO to and download Windows XP/2000/NT Key It is free! (The page kinda misled me, at first I thought it was payware. Not so, it's really free) Load it to a disk or CD. Install the copied key cd into your computer. Restart and Watch for the F12 (boot menu) prompt in the upper right while windows is booting up. F12 when you see the prompt. Soon you will be asked how you want to boot up. You want to indicate the drive that you use to install your XP software. Then remove the copied key disk or CD and install your XP CD. Wait while the XP software loads...go from there. If you don't get prompted then restart with the XP software in the drive. If prompted, boot from the cd. Hope this helps.