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  • IE "null" error

    have 3 teenagers on computer, need i say more!!
    windows xp on older compaq tower with dial up service (only thing available)
    tried to log into IE, after connecting and got "null" error, tried to reset to earlier time and date, but wouldnt let me,,tried recovery console,but administrato passwords dont work

    dont have orr. discs, and wonder if i need to reconfig. o s or entire p c

    any and all help would be greatly appreciated

    thanking you in advance


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    Re: hosed?

    Awhile back i found a linux boot cd that resets the password for any user not on a domain. here is the link for it, i never leave home without it now.

    Offline NT Password Editor --

    This should get your administrator password back. Then you can try to recovery console or a repair.

    Good Luck.


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      Re: hosed?

      eyeguyohio, welcome to the site, please take the time to familiarise yourself with the forum rules that are clearly posted at the top of each forum along with the instruction to read them before posting. Your question does not seem to have anything to do with Windows Server - there is a forum specifically for questions related to Windows XP (shared with Windows 2000).

      Please also choose a more descriptive title for your threads in future - "hosed?" tells people nothing about your problem.

      Originally posted by Forum Rule 3
      Give your post a good topic (or subject line), reflecting the question's intentions
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        Re: hosed?

        What do you mean a "null" error???

        Have you scanned for viruses and malware???

        Cleared your cookies and temp internet files???