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possible to turn second XP install bootable?

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  • possible to turn second XP install bootable?


    I had a second XP Pro installation on the same HDD in a second partition. (Unfortunately that second installation wasnt designating its sitting-in partition as C: as that drive letter was shown as taken by the (default) XP in the first partition)

    I had to transfer that second installaton to another HDD. Modifying the boot.ini of the first (default) XP installation accordingly i managed to have it still working. Until recently when i had to update the firmware of the HDD (ESATA) where i moved the second installtion in, being one of the infamous these days 7200.11 seagates. After that firmware update I am getting the hall.dll (system32) file not found (it is there tho) and cant get this second XP installation to start.

    Also, the Windows boot CD repair option doesnt locate this windows installation, detects only the first XP installation.

    I am going to try the recovery console tip i found somewhere although i doubt it will work since that too requires the windows installation to be detected and choose in which one you wish to log into?

    - Any ideas how to fix this?
    - Also is it possible maybe to turn that second installation (depended on the boot.ini of the first one in order to boot. I think it doesnt even have its own necessary boot files to boot by itself) to an independent self bootable installation?
    - Some way to make the WIndows boot CD able to detect that second windows installation?

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