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  • Power Management Settings

    We are having a problem with a few systems running Windows 2000. After logging in with and administrator account to perform maintenance on the machine the power management settings are being applied to the non-administrator account. Does anyone know how to fix this other than using the same power management settings for both accounts?


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    Re: Power Management Settings

    Power settings are done on a machine basis are they not???


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      Re: Power Management Settings

      Yes with a but.

      If I configure the power settings for a machine as an administrator, those settings take effect. But if I login as a standard user, that user's preferences still show up in the power settings dialog. They can't be applied if the user clicks OK because standard users don't have permission to modify the system power scheme.

      So yes, power settings are applied at the machine level, but users can still have different preferences - they just might not be able to apply them.

      akitafan, login as the administrator and configure the power settings you want.
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        Re: Power Management Settings

        Thanks Gareth. I figured that is what would have to be done.