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Why my XP machine is slow

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  • Why my XP machine is slow

    I am using windows XP machine since last two years with latest updates always. But the performance of my machine is getting degraded slowly. I mean it is taking long time to boot/shutdown and login/logoff.

    I am making this post here to understand what all factors will influence the performance here.

    I can think few like...

    * Fragmentation
    * temporary files
    * More no. of GPOs (yes, my machine is in domain with good connectivity to DCs)

    Do you have any items that effect the performance and do you have any suggestions to improve the reboot/login/logoff times?

    Let me know if you need any details.


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    Re: Why my XP machine is slow

    Check what is loading in MSCONFIG.
    Check Processes running in Task Manager after boot.
    Check Event Viewer.
    Run Spy/Malware scan (multiple apps)
    Run antivirus ( free virus scan)
    Are you running the PC under a User or Administrator account?
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      Re: Why my XP machine is slow

      I use my normal domain ID for logging on to the PC which has no admin rights on my machine.


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        Re: Why my XP machine is slow

        What are the specifications of the machine? When is it slow? Boot up? Logging on? Running applications?

        Need some more information really!

        I would start with stripping MSCONFIG completely, followed by a good old defrag, but make sure you have a minimum of 15% free disk space available.

        Clean out all the usual templocation, c:\windows\temp etc... You wouldbe suprised what a difference this can make

        Empty Temp internet files - again can make a BIG difference.

        try tuning your PC to "performance" ie:-

        START>CONTROLPANEL>SYSTEM>ADVANCED> performance advanced button> and select ajust for best performance.

        Set a static swap file. now days a 2GB swap file should be about right.

        I have an excellent little script wich will remove 99% of temp files from your machine - works a treat! You can download it here
        Please run at your own risk - not tested on Vista.

        Try the above and if all else fails, you cant beat a clean install! especially after two years!



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          Re: Why my XP machine is slow

          BootVis may show you where some of the delays are possibly.

          Fragmentation certainly can cause issues as well as plenty of other things of course.
          Can you provide more info?

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            Re: Why my XP machine is slow

            Also if you have installed a lot of applications, removed it, installed it etc etc there are probably a lot of lefovers like dlls etc which might be loaded during boot.

            This can slow down your computer.
            Simply a reinstall is the best solution for me.
            But then again, I play quite a lot with all kind of software
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