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burning ISO files as primary boot setting

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  • burning ISO files as primary boot setting


    I have to rescue my Laptop from a virus/malware. They suggest I try this rescue CD which I have to download from the link and write it on a CD.

    I wrote the file on the CD but it still doesn't work...

    Please suggest how to set the "primary boot setting" on CD-Rom???
    I'm using Window XP and Acer travelmate 660

    Many thanks

    Rescue CD 3.01:
    1. Download the .zip file for Rescue CD 3.01

    2. Unzip and burn this .iso into a CD
    3. Plug in a USB Stick/Drive and create a folder called "f-secure_persistent_storage"
    **(Recommended to use a clean and empty USB Stick/Drive. Format if neccessary)
    4. Reboot the computer and put in the Rescue CD and plug in the USB Stick/Drive
    **(Ensure that CD-Rom is set to primary boot.Please check computer manual or contact computer manufacturer for guide on setting CD-Rom as primary boot. This can be set in BIOS Setting)
    5. Boot from CD-ROM and follow the on-screen guide. F-Secure will download the updates directly onto the USB Stick/Drive
    6. Scan your computer
    7. Check the report if the infections is dealt with. If no, please update us. DO NOT delete any data from the USB Stick/Drive

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    Re: burning ISO files as primary boot setting

    You have to go into your BIOS to change the boot setings.
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      Re: burning ISO files as primary boot setting

      If you have multiple Malware or even one really bad one then the best thing to do is save the data then wipe the HDD and reinstall everything clean. It will save you a lot of time in the long run.

      I spent 14 hour trying to remove Malware/Spyware & Virus because client didn't have the install software for his "essential" application. Could have done a clean install in less than 2 hours.

      Unless the Malware is fairly simple, you will never remove all the files it may have modified or created.
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        Re: burning ISO files as primary boot setting

        What's the BIOS? How do I get there?
        Sorry for a dull question

        My laptop keeps re-booting itself with blue screens even though i didn't install any new programme recently.

        The F-secure can't detect it still :0(

        So I think eventially I might have to get it all wiped up... re-format everything...I have all the data backed up....


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          Re: burning ISO files as primary boot setting

          A clean install sounds like an excellent idea. Make sure you install the anti virus and some Malware/Spyware apps BEFORE you restore your data. Don't want to reinfect a clean install. Below I have listed some malware/spyware programs. At the moment Malwarebytes is my favourite (but don't let that influence you).

          Malwarebytes -
          Make sure you run the Update option after installing.

          Adaware -
          Again, make sure you have the latest Definition after installing it.

          Spybot -
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