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Perform unattended XP Pro Install to a specific location

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  • Perform unattended XP Pro Install to a specific location

    I have two hard drives installed on my PC.

    The first one has two partitions C (40GB) and G (10GB) and 30GB unallocated space.
    The second drive has one partition D (20GB) with no unallocated space.
    E and F are CD drives.
    All partitions are formatted as NTFS.
    Drive G is empty. Partition C contains Win XP Home

    When I performed an unattended installation of XP Professional Edition it installed it on the second HD (D) without asking me whether I wanted to install it on the empty partition (G)

    Can i perform an unattended install in a specific location?

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    Re: Perform unattended XP Pro Install to a specific location

    just wonder why u want unattended Install? how do u do that?

    anyway, u should be entitled to choose the partition to install xp in the session of installation.

    there is a good article regarding wxp unattended Installation at


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      I'll take a look at that site.

      I'm doing an MCDST course and it's one of the things we learnt so I was just trying it out.

      To do an unattended install browse to the i386 folder on your Windows CD and copy the file to your desktop. Extract setupmgr.exe.

      Put a floppy in and run setupmgr entering the settings. Then name the file winnt.sif.

      Before you install, make sure the boot sequence is set to boot from the CD first. Then put the Windows CD in your drive and also the floppy and then reboot the system. It should install the OS without prompting for Product Key or other settings

      Edit: Found the solution....autopartition was set to "1"