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    Currently we have are end users lock there comps at night so AVG and windows can be updated by are update server. I would like to know if it is possible to have them log off and still allow the updates to be done. Could a script be made for this?

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    Re: AVG Update

    Surely this would be a question for the AVG Support team? Clearly you're using one of their "Corporate" products; if you did not make a support agreement with them then you need to pony up for a one-off support call.

    Windows updates via SUS or WSUS whether or not there is a user logged on.

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      Re: AVG Update

      With the vast quantity of information you've provided... we can't help you.

      Maybe you should tell us a few things.

      Do you manage Windows Updates with WSUS? Are the workstations configured to automatically install updates? If so, then a user doesn't need to be logged on.

      As for AVG, surely it has a component that runs as a service and the GUI is just used to manage it. If that's the case, then one would hope that it is not coded in such a way as to only update if a user is logged in.

      With that in mind, are you saying that you are experiencing a problem in updating Windows and AVG when nobody is logged on?

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        Re: AVG Update

        As already stated, please provide more info. We also use AVG (AVG 8 Network Edition) and it does not require the user to be logged on in order to update.