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Set manual NS record in Windows XP

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  • Set manual NS record in Windows XP

    Hi, this is my first post here. I've found lots of great info here and figured, after google didn't find anything, this would be the best place for an answer. TIA for any help.

    I want to create an NS record locally on a Windows XP machine.

    The purpose is so queries for any hosts on a particular domain will use a specific name server. I can't create records on the primary name server the XP box is using and I don't want to make this name server the primary because it's over a low bandwidth VPN. I know I can add what are essentially A records in the hosts file, but am not sure if it's possible to set NS records. Any ideas?

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    Re: Set manual NS record in Windows XP

    The short answer is no. The only local options for name resolution are lmhosts and hosts. Since neither support wildcards it won't work.

    Your hosts file would need to look something like: *
    but this isn't a valid entry and you'd need something like this to transfer/route anything for that domain to the IP of choice.

    Honestly, I wish it allowed regex matching. That would be awesome.

    Nice AD reference.
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