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Peculiar Result after "FILE" in Windowws Explorer!

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  • Peculiar Result after "FILE" in Windowws Explorer!

    Recently, when I am in Windows Explorer and wish to create a new folder , and I right click a drive letter , instead of getting the usual list of choices , one of which is "New Folder" , my graphic card Control Panel is launched . This , in my case , is the ATI Controller .

    What has happened here?

    How do I get the normal choice of a right click here ?

    I have XP Pro SP3 installed.

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    Re: Peculiar Result after "FILE" in Windowws Explorer!

    How long has this been occuring, and what changed immediately before it started? Did you install/update your graphics card drivers?
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      Re: Peculiar Result after "FILE" in Windowws Explorer!

      It seems to have occurred very recently.

      I am constantly "tweaking" and installing various apps but I can't pin it down to any particular action unfortunately.

      I have various image files saved of previous installs of XP and, if I can't resolve this anomaly , I'll re-install one of these , but I'm hoping to get some solution from people here in this NG before I do this as I'd like to see just what caused it if that will be a realistic hope ?


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        Re: Peculiar Result after "FILE" in Windowws Explorer!

        I have eventually solved this by re-installing the Video Card Software - in my case an ATI Product. After inserting the Installation CD which came with the card I initially tried the "Repair" option but this failed as it couldn't find the file "ATICCC.msi" I then tried the "Install" and that solved the problem as right-clicking on a Folder now produces the normal selections.