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  • CD's Not recognised


    I have a desktop PC with Windows XP on there that all of a sudden the D drive DVD-ROM has stopped working. Initially thought it had died but swapped. Recognised in the bios all ok and windows all ok. However put a cd in and nothing appears. Click on the drive letter and it is just blank. Lights come on all ok to show it is trying to be read but nothing. Under dos shows device is not ready?

    Any Ideas really appreciated?

    DVD's now working but not cd's.

    Use to work all ok ?

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    Re: CD's Not recognised

    Have you tried a different known working DVD in this machine? May have a faulty CD laser.
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      Re: CD's Not recognised

      yes already tried this. This is what I thought first off. I think I will just put in a CD rom and DVD and have done as no one knows. I have asked a few friends and no joy either ?

      Very Strange !!

      Any other ideas appreciated ?




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        Re: CD's Not recognised

        Change the cable from the drive to the motherboard and or switch it to a different IDE slot if it is a confirmed working drive.