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Network card problems after xp sp3 install.

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  • Network card problems after xp sp3 install.

    In the last few weeks I have come across a couple of systems that have had problems connecting home network routers after the installation of XP SP3.

    The first system, a laptop using a Belkin USB wireless dongle would try to connect but would inevitable fail to get an Ip address. The card was able to see the wireless network but as stated above would not be able to connect.

    The second system, a Dell Dimension 3000 using a Intel network card again with SP3 applied would not recognise that a cable had been plugged in to the home hub. Knowing that this card had worked previous to XP SP3, checked cables were working, tested with a laptop witout SP3 applied which connected ok, I am pretty sure that it is not a hardware problem.

    Through my research, the main solution is to either uninstall, or rollback to XP SP2 and or download drivers from the network card manufacturers web site. However most of the drivers relating to the hardware that has been problematic have not been updated since pre XP SP3.

    Generally a roll back will work, unistalling XP Sp3 and reinstalling the drivers worked for the wireless card but not for the Dell network card.

    Basically my question is, has anyone on these forums had problems with their network cards since XP SP3, what was the solution that was used to sort it out, and if it is a common problem which I think it must be, why is their so little information on the hardware manufacturers web sites.



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    Re: Network card problems after xp sp3 install.

    Just yesterday I was informed that my collegue had similar (NOT the same, but similar) problem when SP3 was installed when IE6 was the browser.

    The wireless issue, have you tried deleting the connection and adding/joining it again. If you have a Bluetooth device, try disabling it when you try to connect.
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      Re: Network card problems after xp sp3 install.

      Neither devices are bluetooth capable except with the use of external usb dongles which neither users have. I have also tried removing the preferred networks and rejoining the network. I have tried letting the wireless device manage the network with the same non connection results. Windows wireless utility is the same. I have also used a different netgear pc card with the same results.

      IE6 may be an issue as I think apart from the common XP SP3 installation, they were both running IE6. Worth a look anyway.

      However from what I have read, it seems that SP3 overwrites a common file during the install, that the wireless network adapters use and since it has changed seems to affect the cards ability to connect to a wireless network.

      The whole seems strange that it affects some products but not others.




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        Re: Network card problems after xp sp3 install.

        I also have simular problem with a Dell Dimension 3000 system.
        All drivers and firmware is current.
        When i upgrade from Sp-2 to SP-3, my network goes away. It will not find the local network. I'm using the built in NIC card on a hard wired connection.

        I have tried lots of things to get it to function, but in the end, i just give up and uninstall SP-3.
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          Re: Network card problems after xp sp3 install.

          I've had this before and it was solved by a system restore to a date before sp3 was installed.
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            Re: Network card problems after xp sp3 install.


            I am looking for advice on this issue but with some variations to the issue. I have a DELL M90 Laptop that had been working fine in my network for over a year. The SP3 attempted install failed midway thru and indicated it backed itself out.

            However, tbe laptop no longer shows any network interfaces (both LAN and Wireless). I can still do my logon to the DC and the shared printer can be accessed, and non IE7 programs still work Yahoo IM), however when I try to start the IE7 program it will not connect to any site.... The diagnostic tool says see the Admin. However, there is a twist to this mode as well.....

            If I enter a secure site (https:\\), the IE7 does connect to that. but no connections to a http:\\ site ????

            So I can see that IP still really works, and so does Secure HTTP. I tried removing the Windows IE and then putting it back. I also tried putting the IE7 install on a USB device and re-installing IE7 as well, to no avail.

            Does anyone have any suggestions for a failed SP3 that has crippled my laptop. Oh yes, there is one more strange issue I have noticed. When I go into the device manager to look at my devices, the device manager is completely blank!!!

            I have several other PC's that have failed the SP3 install but the others have caused no disruption to the machines. So Ican deal with why those fail later. HELP!!!!


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              Re: Network card problems after xp sp3 install.

              Interesting posts.

              I have had some XP SP3 machines recently that wouldn't connect. I checked the power save settings for the wireless card and ensured it was set to Full Power, so it wouldn't power save.

              With regards to the NIC, even though they were 100 Mbps, I had to adjust the speed setting from auto to 10Mbps - Full duplex for the NIC to then work.

              Very strange.