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Lost EFS encrypted data after formatting the C drive (was: pls help)

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  • Lost EFS encrypted data after formatting the C drive (was: pls help)

    Hi dear friends

    I am facing a serious problem in my XP machine . one user encrypted his personal folder which is located in e: and later I formatted my c: and installed a fresh XP machine .Now I am not able to access that folder encrypted by the previos user

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    Re: pls help

    Welcome to the site, but please read the forum rules before you post back - "pls help" is not a good thread title. People who see that will not know what your thread is about, and many won't bother to read it if the OP hasn't bothered to provide a helpful title.

    Did you backup the user's EFS key? If not, then you've lost the data.
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      Re: pls help

      Title changed.
      If you have read the forum rules you would know that this kind of titles isn't allowed.

      Anyhow, IF you didn't safe the certificate, you lost the data.
      Simple huh? well maybe you can recover the certificate by the app Gforce has recommended in an other topic but no certificate no data.

      If you are in a domain environment then you have other options by using the recovery agent.
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