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RDP Problem in XP and 2003 SBS

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  • RDP Problem in XP and 2003 SBS

    I have the strangest RDP Problem I have ever had.

    First off our server is Windows SBS 2003 SP1

    I have a new Dell Opti 755 that has Windows XP SP2 installed. When we recieved the machine we joined it to the domain and setup our software and came to realize that no one from ANY workstation including the server and RWW could connect to the machine. The funny thing was there was NO error message. The connect box greys out for a second like it is going to connect then it comes back with no connection and NO error!! So I figured Dell screwed up the machine and I reinstalled it. Same thing!!! So I took it to my shop and reinstalled it again. This time no problems at the shop, it works fine. So I took it back to the client site and POOOF!!! The problem is back!!! I have now reinstalled it twice more and have tried swapping hard drives out.

    It is so strange I reinstall the machine and bring it in an then the problem appears at random times. Once it was in the workgroup before I join the domain, once it was jsut after joining the domain and adding some special fonts we use. This last time I brought the machine in, got a new ip, joined the domain, installed the fonts, setup a user as computer admin and it still worked. Then I added a printer to it and POOOF!!! What the heck! The funny part is there is no error message the other computers just cant connect and this computer can RDP to ANY other computer without a problem.

    I also disabled RDP to see what happens when someone tries to connect with rdp off and I get the RDP error, but as soon as I try and enable RDP and connect I get no connection. MS has nothing on their site about this and neither does any of the other sites I use!!

    Help would be appreciated. I am a ten year vet with a MCSE and this is nuts.
    BTW I am now on the phone with Dell and I really want them to replace the damn unit...well see. Oh and just in case you wanna know the system has no other apperent problems connecting to the network or the internet!!! Their tech has no idea either...big surprise!

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    Re: RDP Problem in XP and 2003 SBS

    Try updating Windows and seeing if that helps. Also try updating hardware drivers, particularly the NIC drivers.

    Do the event logs show any errors?
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      Re: RDP Problem in XP and 2003 SBS

      Does the new Dell have Norton A/V (with the hidden firewall) running?
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        Re: RDP Problem in XP and 2003 SBS

        I have seen weird NIC issues on Plex 755s before and it was related to Intel's AMT software.

        Things to try are flashing the BIOS to the latest version, stop and disable the three Intel Active Management Technology services and remove HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Run "atchk" from the registry.

        Usual warnings about registry editing apply.
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