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  • Choose different computer with locations.simple XP Pro netwo

    I have 2 WinXP Pro computers ,which are not connected to any server
    (domain ,AD etc).
    I opened a shared folder on one computer ,and accessed it OK from the other one ,but it is very limited:
    the only options available ,are to give access to either "read" ,"change files" and "full control" to "everyone" group.

    I removed the "simple file sharing" and tried to give permissions to this
    shared folder to users from the other computer,
    but when I chose the "locations" buttons ,I only saw the computer with the share,not the other one.

    So ,is there any way (apart from connecting them to a server) to give
    permissions to that shared folder with users/passwords from the other computer?

    Please reply,


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    Firstly the "limited" permissions as you put it are the only permission set's you can use on the actual share itself. If you want a more granular ACL then use NTFS security to set appropriate security.

    Secondly, No you cannot use the accounts DB from the other machine to set permissions against, they are Local Groups.

    The easiest way to do this is to set up identical usernames\passwords on both PC's, this is a nightmare to manage though, and obviosuly opens up one of the PC's if you want to limit a user to that single PC.

    Hope the helps and\or makes sense.

    * Shamelessly mentioning "Don't forget to add reputation!"