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Administrator account without full control, don't know why

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  • Administrator account without full control, don't know why

    Good day to all, guys!

    I have some weird problem in one of my friends PC with WinXP Pro installed on it.

    So here it is.

    He logs in as the Administrator, but there are certain limits exist.

    For example: In task manager where every Administrator account has an ability to end a process of svchost.exe, and get his PC shut down in a minute, he gets Access Denied message. It shouldn't be like this.
    Or when he tries to install some game, he gets an error message of insufficient privileges to write data to system registry. This one is weird too.

    So the question is , is he really Administrator, or what?

    I have checked if the Administrator account is in the Administrators group and it is.
    Haven't came up with more ideas about this problem. It's is very annoying when you are supposed to fully control your machine, but you are unable to do it.

    The installation of his system was made by a technician, who sold him the PC.

    Thanks in advance for your reply and future advisory.