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  • NTFS Permission

    Can you help me for my problem ?
    I want to plug NTFS external drive via usb.
    When I want to scan this external drive with my Antivirus from my computer I receive erros "Access Denied"
    and if I change the permitions to give full access NTFS Permission some files can't receive the new permissions and the external drive don't want to boot
    Have you a solution ?

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    Re: NTFS Permission

    Is the external drive one that you have taken from another computer, and does the computer boot from this disk? If that is the case, then you shouldn't change any permissions on it.

    The best way to do what you want to do would be to take ownership of the files you are having trouble with, then grant yourself permission. But again, do not do this is another computer boots from the drive.
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      Re: NTFS Permission

      One thing you could do is use something like the UBCD (Ultimate Boot CD) and run a virus scan from that. It should be able to access the files without issue.

      There are also Linux boot discs that you could use to scan the drive that will ignore the NTFS permissions as well.

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