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  • XP to XP SP2 Licence Key

    My machine has an original XP licence key, and since then I've upgraded it to SP2. As I tend to re-install my system about twice a year, I was looking for a quicker way to do this.

    At present, I've got to install the original CD, then install SP2. I've managed to get hold of a newer CD with SP2, but when I install it, it won't accept my licence key.

    After reverting back to my original method, I found that SP2 changes the licence code, so I tried that one as well, but that also failed.

    Any ideas as to how I can use the new CD with my original licence key? Or am I stuck with doing the long way around?

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    Call Microsoft, if you have a legit qualifying PID they will issue you a new one.

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      Slipstream SP2 into XP instructions. Works a gem.

      Once you have done a clean install of the O/S, Apps, Utilities etc, why not Ghost (or clone) the clean image to CDs, DVD or a spare drive/partition. Later when you restore the saved image all the install work is done and all you need to do is apply any new patches/hotfixes. Once that is done a new updated image can be created. Save reinstalling the long way all the time.
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        Cool, I'll try slipstreaming it and see how I get on.