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Windows XP and Print spooler service

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  • Windows XP and Print spooler service

    Hi All

    I have windows 2003 domian with single forest and single domain. I have an issue with my windows XP domain clients. The print spooler services did nlt start itself when computer boots up and if I restart the print spooler service... it again stops in another 1 min. On the hand the desktops where windows 2000 OS is ruuning I don't face any problem with them.

    Please help me to resolve this issue.

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    Re: Windows XP and Print spooler service

    Event Logs?

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      Re: Windows XP and Print spooler service

      Are you experiencing the same issue on every Windows XP machine? Did it work before a change that you made? What printer drivers do you have installed?

      Make sure that your operating systems are up to date, likewise with hardware drivers (especially printer drivers) and if possible make sure that you use drivers approved by Microsoft as being compatible with your systems.

      How are printers connected to your system? Are they local printers on the workstations, or are they networked printers either shared from the server, or with client software installed on the workstations?
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