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    I've got one XPpro-sp2 workstation whose clock has recently gone crazy. Every 15 seconds it oscillates between the correct time and one hour behind. If I turn the DST adjust ON, it goes between the correct time and one hour ahead - like clockwork (pardon the pun).

    I have 1 DC (PDC running W2000 adv server) which serves time to the domain. All 15 of the other workstations swithed to 1 Hr ahead several days ago. This was easy to remedy - I just turned off the DST auto adjust at each workstation. (Don't really know why I need to have it on anyway). I have seen the posts on the patch for the new DST dates, but for now what I have done seems sufficient.

    But this one computer's clock seems to have gone crazy. Could it be the battery getting old? Or could it be some fluke with its system time and the domain time? Even when I logon to the local machine it continues this behavior.

    Any ideas would be appreciated...

    Thanks - Mark
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    Re: Crazy Clock

    Does the system remember its BIOS settings if you turn it off and unplug it from the wall? It could be the battery (change it and see) but given the symptoms you describe I would suspect there may be another cause.
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      Re: Crazy Clock

      Have you made sure it has the DST 2007 update from Microsoft?


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        Re: Crazy Clock

        Both good ideas, I will try them.

        Thanks - Mark

        I've checked the battery & installed the DST patch, to no effect.
        Still doing the same thing, time is changing back and forth by 1 hour every 15 seconds.

        Any other possibilities?
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          Re: Crazy Clock

          Just to follow up - Nothing seemed to work, but after the weekend when DST changed it seemed to correct itself as all was working correctly the following Monday...

          Thanks for your sugestions...


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            Re: Crazy Clock

            Has the new Daylight Saving time patch been applied? Clock will go loco when you come back into the normal DST time at the end of the Winter period if the patch has not been applied.
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