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Opening .pp (ASTA POWERPROJECT) file through flash on XP SP2

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  • Opening .pp (ASTA POWERPROJECT) file through flash on XP SP2

    :confused; I have created a small flash based site to teach some users how to
    use ASTA Powerproject. I call up various files such as excel, word, pdf using
    the example actionscript below. All links work on all o/s's other than xp sp2 With Xp SP2 the asta links won't work.

    on (release) {
    getURL("CO - 07 Drawing document Issue Register.xls","Body");

    The problem is when calling Asta files on an XP sp 2 machine, the screen
    flashes and nothing happens !! I have gone through the active X security and
    scripting security in the browser and enabled all.... but alas it doesn't work

    on (release) {
    getURL("DESIGN PROCUREMENT.pp","Body");

    I have also Reg hacked to allow local computer zone in internet options
    Zone set to enable all options

    All zones set to allow or enable

    Advanced options in internet options has been set all script allowed security has been set to permit allow active content from cdís run files on my computer and allow software to run or install even if invalid.

    Have searched Microsoft knowledge base applied fixes etc as suggested

    Have updated flash Mx 2004 to latest version

    Have changed privacy in internet options to allow all cookies

    Pop up blocker has been set to off

    Disabled firewall

    Has anyone got any ideas or encountered this before !! I would normally worry
    but I have to release this Monday !!!