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Limited number of applications opened?

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  • Limited number of applications opened?

    I have an end-user with a Dell Precision laptop. PLEANTY of resources, 3gigs of ram, and a 2.53 (I think) Ghz core2duo processor, 160gig hard drive (100gigs free). Very few if any GP settings implemented on the machine.

    One of the strangest things is occuring on the machine (which didn't start happening until this week).

    The user will get his normal applications opened, various marketing programs, IE windows, outlook, maybe IM. All in all something around 7-8 programs.

    When he tries to open another program, maybe something to take a screen capture such as snagit I know he uses. It will not open, or at least it may briefly and close immediately.

    Now of course first thing that I thought was, oh, something's wrong with that piece of software. Not the case, he showed me if he would close out of something say like Outlook or one of this trading programs, and then opened it, it would work, and then outlook or IE or whatever he closed would then not open. (I know this will sound stupid...) It's almost as if he were out of resources and windows was not allowing him to open another piece of software. Now I know this isn't the way things work.

    Any ideas?

    Windows XP SP3

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    Re: Limited number of applications opened?

    Faulty RAM maybe? Hit the limit and it crashes the app? Only a guess tho. try a memory tester (dell may do a hardware test app for their kit).

    If not hardware then AV/Firewall software?

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      Re: Limited number of applications opened?

      Have you tried using the computer in safe mode or safe mode with networking? That could narrow it down between hardware and software. You could also use perfmon or plain-old task manager to see if there is a certain point in the physical memory usage that the errors start happening.
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        Re: Limited number of applications opened?

        Strange problem. But I think TuneUp Utilities 2008 is worth a try. The one click fix 'should' fix problems like that.
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