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Windows XP sp2 32bit, /3GB problem

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  • Windows XP sp2 32bit, /3GB problem

    After adding the switch to boot.ini I run into the same problems that are described here:
    Namely, I get a corrupt registry error.
    The good news that it is possible to recover from this error by booting into safe-mode and removing the /3gb switch, the bad news is that this has happened on 3 other Windows XP SP2 machines, while MS claims that this problem has been fixed with SP2. I cannot install the hotfix because my service pack version is not 1. On my way to installing SP3 to check if it helps.
    Has anyone encountered a workaround for this problem?

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    Re: Windows XP sp2 32bit, /3GB problem

    No, but why do you want to set the /3GB switch anyway?
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      Re: Windows XP sp2 32bit, /3GB problem

      Because I need it. Specifically, a software that usually runs on production servers and needs the large amount of memory space, is needed to be run on a much less powerful pc for testing purposes. Performance problems are not an issue but the program won't even run without /3gb.